Oral Exam Prep

Tonight’s lesson was ground only, no flying. The purpose of tonight’s lesson was to review all the information for the oral exam portion of the checkride.

I met Paul at the airport, and we went over all the basics. We went through the Practical Test Standards (PTS) to review what would be covered during the checkride. We talked about a couple different scenarios based on the flight plan I have to prepare for the examiner. We discussed what the symbols on the charts mean and how the examiner might use them to try and trip me up.

We talked a little about what I was likely to see during the practical (flying) portion of the checkride. Basically, we went over everything we could think of.

I have a few things I need to complete before the checkride. I have a flight plan for a flight from North County to Key West to complete. I need to complete the weight and balance on the plane with the examiner. And I need to log onto the FAA’s IACRA system to fill out the application for the instrument rating. I will work on those over the next few evenings, along with doing a little final studying for the oral exam.

Finally, Paul endorsed my logbook saying that I was ready to take the checkride. That means no more lessons, which is a good thing, since my checkride is scheduled for Friday morning.

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