Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?
I am learning how to fly an airplane, and I thought it would be fun to write about my experiences.

Why do you want to learn to fly?
First, I think it will be fun. Second, I like living in South Florida, but you are far away from the rest of the nation. It is a five hour drive from my house just to get out of the state (in the quickest direction). This would be a way to get around a little faster. Plus, did I mention it would be fun?

How much will this cost?
The plane rental is $75/hr wet, and the instructor costs $35/hr. For dual instruction (with instructor), each hour in the plane will be $110. At least 30 hours will be dual instruction. When I fly alone (at least 10 hours), I will only have to rent the plane. I figure I will average about $100/hr total. Although it only takes 40 hours minimum to get certified, I am budgeting for 50 hours. The total cost should be around $6,000. I'll try to remember to update this once I get my license.

How are you paying for this?
I would like to say that I am paying cash as I go, but that is not the case. My research says that flying two or three times a week is the quickest way to learn. If you spread it out more than that, you spend a lot of time re-learning stuff you already did. That means it takes more hours, and that costs more. In order to be able to fly a schedule something like that, I will have to finance the costs. I am going through a company called Pilot Finance. The interest rate is OK, something like a good credit card rate. They finance it over five years, but I plan on paying it off in a year or less.